Poll 02/27/2010
Here is the poll, how many of you enjoy my non-cankleish video from youtube with weird al yankovic in it? If you don't like it, suggest a different video.


I HATE Cankles

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 3:17:41 pm

Why would anyone enjoy a stupid, useless video? I suggest u get a life and do something with it, not just live in slums and put random, idiotic videos on it. I say take away everything away except the blog and let people tell u how stupid u really are.


My Friends Have No Life

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 8:18:51 pm

I can not believe I wasted 11 minutes of my valuble time watching some retarted videop about eating dinner and onionless hamburgers!


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    This is my fish, Fangs.
    Okay, this one is a MUST SEE at first i didn't think it was real i swear!
    This is ONE way to say sorry to me.... If you use one of his examples in the clip on the blog, i wil mention you on the cankle news!


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