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You better be VERY sorry for not commenting in five days. You wanna know how long 5 days is for me? More than you and i's lifetime combined! So ya, APOLOGY ACCEPTED So go check out the scary vid to the sidebar to get some ideas. READ WHAT IS UNDERNEATH!!!
4/6/2010 11:43:20

I don't really think that that apology was mentioned in the video.....

4/17/2010 03:53:25

Okay, we weren't we were playing a different game than you think we were and you made us all really upset and not to be rude but you talk about them a lot too we never said anything bad about them we were playing stupid bratty 5 year olds and now people think the wrong thing now about us and now i don't really want to be friends maybe later i am sorry you just got the wrong idea you should have asked what we were doing first before you told and telling is not nice anyway now teachers are probably mad at us for no reason i tried to talk to you when you were on the swing and you should have told me what you thought you just sort of had the wrong idea thanks a bunch

4/17/2010 08:39:29

About that last comment and the not being friends thing i didn't mean it i was just sort of mad i am sorry about that please forgive me lets talk at school okay

4/19/2010 09:11:49

Me and my friend are in an argument right now so yes it is my online diary


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    This is my fish, Fangs.
    Okay, this one is a MUST SEE at first i didn't think it was real i swear!
    This is ONE way to say sorry to me.... If you use one of his examples in the clip on the blog, i wil mention you on the cankle news!


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