You better be VERY sorry for not commenting in five days. You wanna know how long 5 days is for me? More than you and i's lifetime combined! So ya, APOLOGY ACCEPTED So go check out the scary vid to the sidebar to get some ideas. READ WHAT IS UNDERNEATH!!!
Don't understand how to something or the website is having some technical issues? Tell me so that I can fix the canklin' problem!
HOORAY! Today, March 25, is the very day we reached our goal! Keep posting, but CELEBRATE!

See a typo? Tell me, and  i'll make sure the world kmo

See a cankle on tv? Let the world know! (also, if your as mad as i am about any of the people that are kicked off the show, PLEASE don't be afraid to say it!
See a cankle today? Or anything cankleish? Talk about it here!
Like my crafts n' recipes? Tell me, and while your at it give some family cankle recipes and crafts as well! If you do, i'll give you your very own special thanks to let the internet world know that you told me the craft/ recipe so they do not think that I came up with it, is that a brilliant idea or what? Tell me! Is this a run on sentence? Tell me!  By the way, list all materials and steps involved!
Like my art? Don't like it? Tell me!!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!
Think homework is dumb? Got stuck on a test today? Tell me, and please do not say names thanks :)
    This is my fish, Fangs.
    Okay, this one is a MUST SEE at first i didn't think it was real i swear!
    This is ONE way to say sorry to me.... If you use one of his examples in the clip on the blog, i wil mention you on the cankle news!


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