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3/16/2010 01:15:59

you painted youre foot. what a fail

Nick Bonebrake
3/21/2010 02:55:21

I love the pictures that u drew and if i send u a picture of me will u draw it?

3/22/2010 08:47:36

uhhhh, IDK

my friend has no life
3/24/2010 09:47:19

your dog is so frieking FAT no offense but you and your dog have an obeis problem! Soon your parents are going to have to hose both of you off the wall cause you guys saw a twinkie then, BOOM!

3/25/2010 04:14:18

actually, my dog is at the correct weight that she should be at for a basset. She does LOOK big, but bassets tend to be bigger LOOKING dogs. to imform you, me and my dog don't even like twinkies so hahahahahahahahahahahahteehee cankles

my friend have no life
4/17/2010 00:51:02

okoay then new story one day skinny robin and skinny dog walked into dairy queen, they got locked in, a year later they come out so fat that THEY HAVE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH STUPID COMMENTS THAT TRY TO HIDE THE FACT that they are truly FAT. robin your dog and u r fat get over it lots of people have been locke in dairy queen so dont cry

4/18/2010 04:13:18

I don't even like dairy queen


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    This is my fish, Fangs.
    Okay, this one is a MUST SEE at first i didn't think it was real i swear!
    This is ONE way to say sorry to me.... If you use one of his examples in the clip on the blog, i wil mention you on the cankle news!


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