Okay, so if you thought the cankle craft was gross, check out this cankle recipe! (share your recipes on the blog!)

A fire
A stick
A butchers knife
A nice tender juicy cankle

                                                                                     Roasted Cankles on a Stick!

Step 1: Start a camfire.

Step 2: Using the butchers knife, carefully cut a nice tender cankle off making it as big as possible.

Step 3: Place it on the stick.

Step 4: Roast over fire until browned on top.

Step 5: Enjoy your juicy snack, cannible!
Exuse the language, but don't take your eyes off of it!

                                                              Cankle Dog!

A bun
A knife
Level five cankle

Step One: Slice a cankle off.

Step Two: Mold into a hotdog shape.

Step Three: Roast on stove until browned.

Step Four: Place in bun, and enjoy your snack!

                                        A Viewer Suggestion: Cankle Soup

A stove
a bowl
a level 5 cankle
a knife

Step one: Take the knife and chop your cankle into 1 cm. chunks.

Step Two: Pour broth into a bowl and put the cankle bits with it.

Step Three: Place on stove for about 25 to 30 min.

Step Four: Enjoy your soup of cankles! This is also a great cold remedy!

Special thanks to commenter with the user name "anonymous" We here at cankles are very happy with your suggestion! Keep commenting, and try out your delicious cankle soup idea!

                              Diced Cankles on a Stick

Level 5 cankle
Toothpick or stick

     Step one: Dice your cankle into chunks (squares)

Step two (optional)  Cook your cankle chunks until browned

Step three: Stab the chunks onto the stick in a line, and then chow down!