Here are some of the shows that the cankle channel 999 has to offer. Please add anymore ideas on the blog:

  Kids Shows: Canky Cat: A fat cat repeats the alphabet over and over again.

  Teen Shows: Corey and the Canksters: Originally a cankle book by Cankey C. Canklemister, some cankleful teens that want to be gangsters form there own wild group, Corey and the Cansters, Corey of course being their leader, the canklest of all.

  Adult Shows: Cankle Soap Operas: A drama about multiple cankle relationships, alcholics, etc you get what i'm aiming towards?

  Family Shows: Cosby Cankles:  A canklicious man and his three daughters and a son all have cankles, a funny relatable show.

                     Now here is a dumb video: