NEWS FLASH! MILEY CYRUS WROTE IN HER AUTOBIOGRAPHY THAT SHE WAS DISTURBED BY CANKLES!!!! and no i didnt read it why would u even think that???
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We have some MAJOR cankles going on here!
Cankles, cankles, CANKLES! WE see them almost every day! Our best friends say it, our cousins, our imaginary friends if you are lonely-But most wonder WHAT EXACTLY IS A CANKLE? It is driving us all insane! Well, allow me to explain this question with an answer. When a human is obese, fat may spread to the ankle and calf area. This may form one big fatty mass, more commonly reffered to as a cankle. AS you see in the above photograph, we can clearly see (and laugh at) the cankle. Also, we may also wonder about those pink pants..... no comments their! Also, animals may develop minor cankles. My cat Josh, who is larger to put it nicely, has a paw cankle which I find sort of hilarious. For those of you who view Family Guy, you may have seen the episode where President Clinton sees a "cankle show" or something. For those of you who do not watch this hilarious show, please begin to watch it. Thank You! Check out these teehee family guy vid clips! Can you guess which two characters have cankles?