After reading my pages all about cankles, test your knowledge by answering these questions! Now, you must suffer like I do on the ISATS! No cheating!

Question 1: What is a cankle?
A A fatty mass connecting the calf and ankle.
B When your ankle and wrist form together.
C None of the above.

Question 2: What kinds of people have cankles?
A Skinny people
B nerds
C obese people

Question 3: How high does the cankle level system go?
A 3
B 2
C 5

Question 4: Which of these does not describe a cankle?
A Pinkish
B Slender
C Chubby

Question 5: What is a cankleologist?
A A person who studies cankles.
B A person who hates cankles.
C A cankle

If you scored something less then a 5 out of 5, then you are a fail. Reread this entire website!

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Answers: 1:A  2:C  3:C   4: B   5:A