On this page i will talk about totally random nonsense things that will go on and on and on. To begin, did you know that greenbeans and corn are not vegtables? I didn't until yesterday when i read it in this surprising facts book i got at the school library. I got some new gold eyeliner that so far everybody thiks is sooo creepy. I also got purple blue. Here are some current observations. My cat just meowed. The tv is on. The febreze is on the ledge. My camera is next to me. There is a bed behind me. The fish food is on the counter. The clock is gold. There is a collection of Family Guy action figures on the wall. The walls are white. There are soccer players outside the window. They are loud. I can see the village hall clock. There is a lamp three feet away from me. There is a photo on the wall. The mouse is not moving. My ds is next to the fish food. I will add more to this later. And welcome back. There is a glass of undrank water next to me. There is a red pencil and a book right next to each other. The computer is making noises again. The fish are staring at each other.Goodbye.