Cankles have been around for years and years and years, as we learned from the story about skinny Joe. These holidays mark some of the greatest moments in cankle history. They follow cankle relegion. People who follow the cankle relegion read the Cible, a book about cankles. They go to carch every Sunday, a place where they praise cankles. Enjoy! This is a total rip off of other holidays!

Cankleween: A time where children dress up as cankles, going door to door asking for cankle soup. October 31

Canklester: When the first cankle was rose from the dead, people get cankles on their lawn and little baskets of cankleish delights from the cankle bunny. April

Canklemas: When the first cankle was born, people get gifts from cankle claus December 25

The Cankleth of July: When cankleish people gained independence from the regulars July 4th

St. Cankles Day: A lucky day with canklechauns with pots of gold March 17

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