February 22 :Hey cankle lovers!:) I am am so glad you weren't disturbed by the first page and you are willing to click on this one! So, you have decided to click on yet another page. What else do you want to know? Ok, fine! Since I am apparently a cankleologist here, I will explain some more since you do not understand. Since the rise of obesity in America, we see cankles more frequently. Go outside. Look across the street. I am almsot certain that you will discover a perfectly designed cankle. Now, don't ask about the above pic. I know it has nothing to do cankles what so ever, but you got to admit how adorable it is, right? How cute are fat cats! Bye! I will update cankle news every so often, so stay tuned for more exciting cankle news!

February 25: What is up my canklers! Thanks for loggin' on to my page. Ok, here is some more recent cankle news. Today, I saw a guy with a cankle that was probably a level 5. Now, I didn't stare or take any pics because how would you like it if someone did that to you? Exactly. So instead, I decided to post it here without a pic included. I just want to let you know, if you see a cankle, DO Not by any means stare or take pics. Just read cankle news to see if I saw the same cankle you saw. If I did, I would describe it so well, you would most likely barf all over your computer. I'll get back to you guys soon with more hot cankles!

February 26: Happy International Cankle Day! I have officially made today Cankle Day! So, mark your calendars, through a party, play with all your cankles- because it is CANKLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I have officially added a cankle blog. You should check it out, but please keep things appropriate, okay. Also, i added a cankle vid to my website. Check it out! 

February 27: Cankle Day was a big success! (to me at least) The blog is great and right now there is a total of 13 comments. My goal is to reach 100 comments by the end of March. Remember to keep posting! I updated the random pic page, so go check that out for sure.Go to the newest page called lame cankle joke and go see if you crack up so much you need to change your pants! I added a music vid page with kesha's tic toc.  There is a blog explanation for all the weird comments, and a surprise cankle twist! By the way, CANKLES CANKLES CANKLES and more Cankles!

February 28: Hey canklers! The total amount of comments from you cankle addicts is 23. Only 77 more to go till we reach our goal of 100! I added a couple new oages like funny animals, so be sure to check out all of that cankley stuff. And remember: always be true to your cankle. Catch ya later canklers! CANKLES< CANKLES!

March 1: Hooray, cankle fans!  Today is the very first day of March! The total amount of comments is 33, 67 more to go until we reach our goal, so keep posting! (thanks for all your posts by the way!) Also, you should check out some of the new pages I made. If you have any other pages that you would like to see, post them on the cankles blog. I still need some posts for cankle of the month because what better honor is there than being cankle of the month? If you want a certain vid to be on here, please tell me through my blog. I'm not a scychic, so if you really want a certain page or vid to be on here you have to tell me or else the same boring cankle vids will be on here. What fun is that? Peace out, cankle homeys! :) Keep checkin' out cankle news for all your cankley stuff! Was that grammatically correct? Oh well, this just happens to be a cankle website not a grammar one!

March 2: CANKLES!!!! Ok, just needed to get that of my chest. Thank you My Friends Have No Life for suggesting Niga Higa vids. I will be getting those in a day or two, so keep reading cankle news. I updated the music video with your all-time favorite. :)The total of posts so far on the blog is 52, more than half way there! My friends have no life also suggested to put more exciting news on here. WHAT IS MORE EXCITING THAN CANKLES!!!!! But, I will talk about what she wants such as celebs and what is happening in the classroom. She said to make the page more colorful wih more pics, but the issue with that is I do not know what pics you guys want so tell me on my blog. For celeb news, Marie Osmond's (appeared on dancing with the stars) son commited suicide and died. In the classroom, we have ISATS today, so be prepared. Get on a sugar high to stay awake. That is all for now, and if you would like to tell me some other news, go to the blog and blog your heart out ok. (literally)

March 3: Ok cankle fans, the blog total for today is 63, we are getting to our goal. I would like to thank everyone for their awesome suggestions, and most of them have been posted. They just made this cankle website even more cankley! Also, ISAT testing continues for those of you in my class. We have not one but TWO tests today! There really isn't any interesting celebrity news, but if you knw about anything tell me in my blog. (hopefully about cankles!) Check out some of the suggested pics and vids from you guys! I would really like to say that if cankle news was all about celebs and whatever, then this would not be a cankle website. So, please don't get mad if you don't find good gossip here. Also in cankle news, most people with cankles have heart problems (that is what I here at least) Well, that ended on a happy note. Goodbye, and keep posting!!! (and reading cankle news)

March 5: CANKLE FANSSSSS! What is the matter with yal'? There are NO let me repeat NO new comments! KEEP POSTING! How will we reach our goal if nobody comments? Exactly! By the way, I added funny family guy cilps on the home page. I couldn't find the bill clinton cankle show one but the others are still HILARIOUS!!! Check those out, look at the parodies, COMMENT! Thanks! Good luck with ISATS if you are in my class! You will probably fail!

March 7: Hey people who enjoy cankles! Whe have more comments!!!! 68, actually. There is some gross new pages to check out and wierd cankle vids. Also, I was watching Saturday Night Live and it wasn't really that funny if you ask me. On American Idol, I was surprised that the one curly haired girl was sent home and that the Lambert guy stayed. I think that it should have been the other way around truly. If you have any other celeb news, tell me on the blog and keep postin'. Also, before I forget me and my friends went on a bike ride yesterday and saw a dead bunny. We made up a game called DEAD BUNNY DISEASE or D.B.D and if you got it, you had to tag someone else to get it. So, don't get D.B.D!

March 8: Okay, I have a CANKLE EMERGENCY!!!!! CODE RED!!!! I need more page suggestions! I am running out of my own genius ideas and I need some cankle volunteers to think of some more! Tell me on the blog, and just do it now!!!!!! Ohhhhh, this is bad, really REALLY bad!!!!!

March 12: Sorry for not updating this earlier, I know you have been just itching to read more about cankles! There are more comments! (most of which are from my class!) And listen, if you commented on my blog and your name is I-am-nice, please tell me who you are in class today! Your not in trouble, I am just wonderin' who the heck you are! (at first I thought you were my friend at school, until I found out that that was not true!) The ISATS are over, HOORAY!!! The comment total is... I got to go! I'll tell you later! See ya when I tell you! Or just count yourself! 

March 13: Okay, i added a new page, got some new comments, new season of south park is coming out soon, Lindsey Lohan is having a lawsuit with Etrade for mentioning her name on one of their baby commercials, and that is about it. So, have a good cankle time my cankle homeys! Okay, it is 84 total comments, we are getting close to our goal!

March 16: I was watching American Idol, and I have finally come to an agreement with my self. My favorite girl is Lacey, and my favorite guy is Casey(he is soooo HOT!) New comments, i'll say the total tomorrow just in case there is any changes. Keep watching, and look out for the new season of South Park!

March 19: Okay canklers, there is some good and bad news. I'll start iff with the good news. SPRING BREAK!!!!! Finally! Also, I got a new doll thing today. We had the Wax Museums in class today. We all wrote short speeches, dressed up as our historical person, and people would visit and touch our fingers and we would talk. I was Milton Hershey, and took eye liner and drew a fake mustache on my face. I also wore a suit and hat with a real chocolate bar in the pocket. Of course, chocolate lover Helen Keller always tried to steal it from me! My friend was Galileo Galilie, exuse my bad spelling of that! Okay, now for the very serious bad news. My fave girl on American Idol, Lacey, was botted off! And yes, i blame you guys fpr not voting for her!

March 25: YOU GUYS!!!!! You need to post more coments on the blog! You are driving me insane! How in the canklin" world will we here at this website supposed to know what you like? How will we reach our goal! Exactly. Now, go to the blog RIGHT NOW and post a comment. Don't worry, i'll wait...... Okay,thanks for helping in this important cause. I don't really give 2 cankles if it is a ludicrous comment, (yes you can use that for world cup vocab if you are in my class) JUST KEEP POSTING! I need to know what you want to see on my site! My vice president is handing out ads to visit here, and i want the first impression of this site to be a good one! See yal'!

    Guys.... i just recounted the comments..... AND WE HAVE EXACTLY 100!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!

Okay, here is a VERY creepy trick i found on youtube, try it out and you'll see what i mean by weird and creepy! One of the planes that crashed into the twin towers was called q33, and it was in ny. watch what happens when you type this in in microsoft word! go to youtube and visit some of the other weird 911 things.
March 26: Okay, i am really proud of you to getting us to 100 comments! Without you, we wouldn't be able to accomplish it. Now we can all sleep tonight not worrying about our goal! Please visit the survey page and take it. I need to know how to make this website perfect, since it is a mostly viewer made website. When you submit your survey answers, i am the only one who can view it, so don't be embarassed by any of your answers. Say what you truly feel, it will only make this wbesite better and you will not by any meets make me feel bad. Also, see the newest games page.  Bye for now!

March 27: You guys! Nobody is commenting! Just because we reached our goal doesn't mean that you have to get all lazy and suddenly stop! I was going to post and update things today, but i won't until somebody comments! And not just a little comment, something with some thought. It's not that hard! Also, someone needs to take the two new surveys i posted. So far, only my dad has! One is on the home page and the other is on the survey page! For cankles sake, it isn't that hard. So, if you want the new updates and pages YOU HAVE TO COMMENT AND SURVEY! Don't just expect me to do all the hard work for you and you just sit back and chillax! By the way, South Park has kicked off its new season, and if you head to www.comcast.net you'll find some of the episodes under t.v. Also, go to www.hulu.com and www.fancast.com for more cankleicious episodes. p.s Cartman has MAJOR cankles that are beyond a level 5 for sure! It breaks the canklin' scale! p.s.s my dog JUST ate a dead bird head and the guts were hangin' out i was grossed out by it and so was my friend she might have worms!

March 28: I am still itching to add BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN pages but I can't until somebody comments! I didn't even want to update this page today i was soooooo disgusted with you! You can't even take the time of day to actually read the updates and write a simple comment. It is so easy a caveman could do it! Anyways, if you didn't watch the KCA"S last night, here is a brief overview. Justin Beiber sang like a half dead cankle, and appollo ono was never really flung from a catapult, it was totALLY FAKE! By the way, I have come up with a new cankle donation center, donate your cankle to this place so that they can reuse it for whatever. Pretty clever, huh?! Please comment today, and stay tuned for more cankle news!

March 30: You know what, it has beem about 5 days since a new comment has been added. 5 DAYS!!! REally? REALLY! I was anxious to post the new updates and pages today, but I guess i'm just going to have to wait some more. GO COMMENT AND SURVEY RIGHT NOW! I won't add any new "news" here until somebody does! Gosh, you guys give me headaches and heart pain, does anyone have an asprin? Just kidding, but seriously go comment right now i can't wait much longer.

April 1:  UGGGGHHHHH! There is sooooo much bad news and so little good news! Didi Benami , my other fave girl on american idol was botted off :(! That is sooooo sulkish in evry way! Now, I don't really see anymore unique voices. People just don't understand how unique her voice was! Also, for like the seventh or eighth day in a row there are no new comments. What are you guys doing, a cankle strike or something! I really want to add some updates and pages, but i can't until somebody comments. Is it that hard? No! The only good news is that i got all a+'s on my report card and i got a new book at the book fair called "The Roar". You should check it out. Here's some more bad news, I have to write a stupid report and essay over Easter Weekend! My family is throwing a little party, and how am i supposed to enjoy myself if i am just sitting there in front of all the guests writing a report and essay about this one book called "The Cay"? I need to blow off some steam, and see ya later and plz comment! (and no, plz was not a grammar mistake, i meant to do that!)

April 4: Thank the Cankle Gods! SOMEBODY CARED ENOUGH ABOUT CANKLES TO COMMENT!!!! It was my friends have no life, and we here at this website thank you! What a relief! The updates i promised will be available to you VERy SOON! By the way, happy easter, and did you know that the easter bunny has cankles? And today is also canklester, head to cankle holidays to find out more! Keep comin' back because the updated will be here soon, i'm just too lazy to do it right now ok i just ate a ton of bunny chocolate. :) Happy Canklester!

April 5: Okay, so i just completed all those new updates and pages to check out:). There are some new crafts and recipes, my friend's new website link, and new pages with dumb videos to enjoy. Visit my blog and comment on all the new stuff and add some ideas of your own okay!!! Have a canklicious day! The video below pretty much sums up what a cankle is:
April 6: Okay, we have some storms coming in today, so be careful! In school, we are making social studies WW2 cubes of notes to use on the test. Really? A cube, why a cube WHY NOT A CANKLE! Also, we are writing poems for writing class hat are persuading people to change a rule. Me and my friend are doing no more homework. The lunch teacher said that the next nice day that we have we can eat our lunch outside, which I gauruntee you WON"T BE TODAY!! Also, i set up this thing with google so if you search cankle or cankles my website might pop up. Have a great cankleful day!

April 7: Hey, canklers! I added a couple new pages so check that out. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up after 5 years and they announced it on twitter. Did you know that Jim may have a cankle? A man found the face of jesus in a chewed up piece of gum. THAT GUM THING WAS IN THE NEWS! How the heck is THAT NEWS!? Also in the news a chef discovered a nine legged octopus (that had cankles) Check out the clip below, and have a canklicious day:
April 10, This is just a news brief because right now i am in a hurry to get to a basketball game this morning so here is some news. I have set up some new pages for you to check out. Justin beiber who has no talent makes fun of his picture on the cover of a magazine. Wanna know where i get all this info? www.comcast.net there is a ton more vids and crap like that on there so ya. See ya later cankle homies!

April 11: Okay, i have some exciting news today that i found. Once Miley turns 18, she said that she will be getting married to 20 yr old co star in the movie last song and she might borrow her mothers wedding dress. Let me guess, there marriage will last about 2 weeks?! See ya later and have a cankleful day!

April 13: News! Okay, i'll start with some bad news. Poland's current president died in a plane crash recently, if only some cankles were aboard to cushion him. No, but seriously that is pretty sad. I think they are burying his casket in warsaw. Also, I NEED MORE PAGE IDEAS! Tell me at school or on the blog TODAY because this is a crisis people! I hope that you have a canklicious day!

April 14: Greetings, cankle friends! A 6.9 earthquake hit China yesterday . 400 are dead and 10000 are wounded, but these cankleful numbers are expected to rise. There hasn't been many comments lately! I don't want to start that whole thing with the no comments in like a week, do you? So it is just best if we all just comment once a day, is it really that hard? Just click on a post, type your comment in the little square including your user name and hit submit. See how easy modern technology is? WE ARE NOT CAVE PEOPLE< WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!!! Have a canklicious day!

April 18: Sorry for not updating in a long time. Here is some news: I am getting a haircut today. I got a new bike since i crashed the old one into a car. Technically it is a used one since it is nearly 20 years old but it works and it is an original Shwin. I have some new dumb photos in the photo gallery and whoever goes by the username of Sammy please don't use that language okay. Check out www.comcast.net for some new exciting news and i will see you at school tomorrow my cankleful classmates!

April 19: I have an idea, and tell me below if you like it or not. For those of you who tend to forget your spelling list in school or assignments, i could post them under a page dedicated just to that? Each week i would say the new words for both challenge and regular and say the page that you would do in math or whatever. If you like the idea, say yes below. If you don't like this idea, say no below.I also updated the music vids. By the way, WHO IS THE PERSON WITH THE USERNAME OF SAMMY? Just wonderin since everyone at school was asking me today.  Check out the new poll page that i finally figured out how to do.  Have a cankleful Tuesday!

    Homework Page

April 22: The sammy hunt continues into day three. Please, if you are truly sammy tell us and if you aren't please don't lie and say that you are, it makes the situation more complicated than necessary. Complain on the viewer complaints or just tell me if you know anything about him or her that i don't. Be honest! Also, the polls page isn't too popular so far. IDK why! Who doesn't like polls! Vote for the homework page, it will help me to decide if i should add it or not. There have been some big commenting issues on the blog recently, so i have changed it so that your comment won't appear until i approve it first. If i do, then it will show up on the blog, and if i don't it won't show up. I know, it's a pain in the butt but it is just because of some certain bloggers that i must do it. Maybe if the comments improve i'll change it back to the normal way but as of now your comment won't appear until i approve it. It even says this when you do. Have a canklicious day!

April 23: Happy Saturday! It is rainy outside, isn't that great! Also, who is Leroy? He is out to diss sammy, says he knows who he is. Better write that in my sammy journal.  I got a new bike today at a used bike shop in Aurora. I don't like the color, but it works i guess. See Ya! 

April 25: Design Change! I felt the old design was getting old and needed some refreshing, so here it is. The title now says cankles r us, you know, like toys r us. The website is still www.cankles.weebly.com though. My friend has a new website called www.crazyfriendsforever.weebly.com. It is pretty sweet so far! Tell me on the blog today if you like the new design and title.  Have a cankleful Sunday!

April 26: IT DOESN"T GET MCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!! I got this thing to put on my bike that clearly says, I HEART CANKLES! I didn't even know it existed! It'll ship in any day now, you'll probably see it at school and be sooo jealous! I added a new opinions paage idk i just got bored and it is 10:00 pm so yaaaaaa.... catch ya later cankle friends!

April 28: Tomorrow is the tour of our new school for next year! It is better than doing language arts and math in the morning though. A two headed cow is found this week. That is two times the cankles! I got an A on the theme test and an A+ on the math RSA. I wonder what cankleful grade i'll get on the social studies test. I hope that today we'll find out. Yesterday was a half day, exciting. Well, have a canklicious day, and don't forget to catch american idol tonight to see who goes! Tim Urban went last week, it'll be hard this week, all of them were good! By the way, i got that sticker thing for my bike i was talking about, here are the picks:
April 29: HA HA! What now My Friends Have No Life! Siobhan went home last night! What now! I almost threw a party! Teehee! Sorry, i just had to let that out. We have our field trip today! We also get to put in the crickets and roly polys into our terrariums in science today! I added two new pages for you to check out, and i'll see you at school my cankle homeys! (p.s, i was going to ride the cankle bike to school today, but it trns out it is really windy so naaa!)
May 1: Sup! The field trip was okay. One of the fish in our group's aquarium died last friday. It was Fiona. WE had a tornado watch last night, of course, no tornado. The blog has been pretty silent this week, so comment. See yal' later cankle friends!

May 4: YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS! I was for some odd reason watching Dr. Oz, and they had a whole section about cankles! It was a dream come true! I got an email, ask me for it at school if you want it. I gotta go, see ya!

May 6: I totally just ran out a page ideas, so if you could my cankle homeys just go to the blog and suggest some for me please, i would really like it. So, with no more page ideas for right now, here is just a random funny video. also, i have decided to go on a one week break from this website to think of more ideas possibly. I am sorry for this inconvenience for you, but oh well. It's hard to come up with a bunch of page ideas! Oh yah, also good luck on the math test today! Enjoy:
May 8: I have to go get a dumb shot! I am not scared of them, they are just a big time waster! You have to sit in the office for like an our for something that takes 30 seconds! Also, i am adding a new page titled cankle message of the day. Check that out, and have a shot free cankleful day!

May 17: UGHHHHH! I sprained my ankle really bad on my trampoline! It hurts! It got soooo swollen that it actually kinda looks like a cankle now! I know, i know i got kinda lazy and i have not updated in a long time so i am very canklefully sorry. I just made a new word! Yay! See ya, gotta go ice my foot now!

June 2: Goodbye FoxChase! Today was the last day of school. We had to say our final farewells to our school. Next year we will be going to Thompson for sixth grade. I am sad,happy,nervous,and stressed for the upcoming year, but there will be more cankles at a bigger school i suppose. Enjoy summer break my cankle homeys!

June: I forgot to mention something a long time ago, sorry. LEE DEWYZE WON AMERICAN IDOL!!!! WooHooo! Also, the blackhawks won the stanley cup! Well,since it is summer i go to my gramma's house all day and walk the dog or call up a friend. It isn't actually that bad, i'm at my gramma's right now in fact. Well there isn't many other cankley things to talk about today so goodbye!