Here are some commonly asked cankle questions:
Q: I have a cankle. What should or what can I do?
A: You can still do all of your favorite things like eating. If you are really that concerned, vist a cankleologist center. There is no cure, but they can tell you more about cankles.
Q: Can I get rid of my cankle?
A: In some rare cases, yes. If you lose some pounds it is possible. But usually, cankles are there to stay, so just get used to it.
Q: Are cankles painful?
A: Not usually. They can be tender sometimes, but only for short spurts.
Q: Can I hide my cankle?
A: Sort of. If you wear boots, thay are not visible, but I do not recommend wearing boots in the summer. You should be proud of your cankle, because not everyone has one.
Q: I really want a cankle of my own. How can I get one?
A: To tell you the truth, you really do not want one. They are a sign of obesity. If you still do, start eating.
That is all for now. I will update this frequently with more new Q and A! ( about cankles!)